Not All Roads To Success Are Straight
MELIOR Will Help Your Investigative Company Get On The Straight Path
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MELIOR CONSULTING is committed to helping private investigative companies successfully traverse the increasingly competitive and dramatically changing landscape of vendor management, IT security requirements, compliance, process improvement and usage of investigative companies by the insurance industry. Industry consolidation of vendors, product commoditization, and the rise of new competitors and new service delivery channels has created both challenges and opportunities. MELIOR uses our expertise and industry insight not only to gather high quality information, but also to get underneath the findings to help clients understand the strategic implications of individual and market behavior. We leverage our knowledge about the state of the industry today against our decades-long insurance and investigative business market experience to provide informative intelligent insights.
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With over 30 years of investigative expertise, relationship and program management, our proven methods provide value and results to our clients. Our philosophy is simple; provide a quality product, for a fair price, delivered in a timely manner!





MELIOR provides strategic consulting for  process improvement, cost reduction, and how regional, medium and small investigative companies can compete in the marketplace today with large National Investigative Companies, Vendor Management Panels/Programs, SIU (Fraud), Compliance and Training. 
Does your firm provide Anti Fraud compliance training to insurance carriers? Will your training past an aduit by a Department of Insurance? MELIOR provides Anti-Fraud Compliance training and or will review your current training program for compliance with various State's Compliance requirements for Anti Fraud training.
Is the performance and quality of your investigative product meeting the expectations or service level agreement (SLA) of your client's? Do you have gap proof internal quality audit? MELIOR can assist is creating a quality product and audit control that will meet and exceed your client's expectations.




Does your company provide vendor management services or do you participate on vendor panels? With so many options to choose from, determining which Vendor Management solution is best for your company can be a daunting task.  MELIOR Consulting offers vendor-neutral services that leverage our knowledge of insurance industry best practices. Our experts will guide you through the number of choices that you have, including in-house Vendor Management (VM), Client Selected Providers (CSP), and Participating on Vendor Panels (PVP) and analyze if these solutions are the right choice for your business future.
Every business is a collection of processes. Investigations are conducted, backgrounds completed, and services delivered via processes. Customers will use you or leave you because of their experiences with your processes. Profitability is process driven too. One perspective would suggest profits could be increased by raising the price of goods or services to customers. This is not the best way to increase profit, especially if you have price-based competitors. MELIOR will help you improve and streamline your processes.
With over 30 years’ experience in fraud investigations and compliance, MELIOR Consulting can create and implement a comprehensive SIU Program for managing your company's anti-fraud and compliance requirements for each mandated state. Our experience and expertise will assure that you stay in compliance with all regulatory requirements and reduce your costs with savings of your existing SIU program.
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