About The Owner
Michael Ferrin is a widely-recognized executive in the investigative industry with over 30 years of investigative experience. During his career, Michael has served in many roles to include; fraud investigator, anti-fraud trainer, quality/audit review, SIU compliance, business segment leader, national SIU Director and held executive positions with a large multi-line insurance company and the two largest private investigative firms in the U.S.

Michaels’ expertise is in organized fraud investigations, vendor/program management, process improvement, SIU services, compliance and Training, business analysis, and raising awareness of fraud.

Throughout his career, Michael has learned valuable industry knowledge, insight and extensive experience investigating multi-line insurance frauds, creating and implementing highly recognized outsourcing/vendor management programs for some of the largest insurance and TPA companies, created anti-fraud training modules (approved by CA DOI) and served in advisory roles on numerous industry-recognized associations and the CA DOI Fraud Advisory Board. Michaels’ mission is to share his knowledge and insight to help private investigative companies be more successful.

Michael has had many successes and recognized accomplishments during his career; here a just a few notable accomplishments:
  • Participated with a law enforcement task force that concentrated on identifying organized staged automobile accident rings operating in Los Angeles County.
  • Developed a Directional Early Warning (DEW) for Fraud Awareness, which went on to become the model plan for SIU enterprise-wide at a large insurance company.
  • The architect of the various outsourced vendor management programs that were the largest in scope and size in the insurance investigative industry.
  • Creation of a TQM (Total Quality Management) plan and process improvement that resulted in high-quality performance results for various customers.
  • Creator of various Fraud and Social Networking training modules for a number of carriers and TPA’s.
  • Created a Medical/CPT Coding Fraud training program that was implemented enterprise-wide.
  • Featured in PI Magazine’s February 2012 issue as one of the leaders of building big agencies in the private investigative industry.

Notable Clients Include:
  • Harleysville Insurance
  • Marriott Claim Services
  • Main Street America Group
  • Automobile Club of Southern CA
  • Berkley Risk Administrators
  • ESIS Inc.
  • Chubb Insurance (Formerly ACE Group Insurance)

Michael continues to dedicate himself to the investigative industry and is committed to helping private investigative companies achieve success with organizational improvement, process innovation, and successful vendor management.

Michael holds the following certifications and qualifications; Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice, Certified Insurance Fraud Investigator (CIFI), Fraud Claim Law Associate (FCLA), Six Sigma Black Belt (SSBB), Total Quality Management (TQM) and Business Analytics (BA).