Are you wondering how to compete with National Investigative Companies? Are you participating on a vendor panel, looking to retain clients and create more value to your client base?
MELIOR Consulting is committed to helping private investigative companies successfully traverse the increasingly competitive and dramatically changing landscape of vendor management, IT security requirements, compliance, process improvement and usage of the large national investigative companies by the insurance industry. Industry consolidation of vendors, product commoditization, and the rise of new competitors and new service delivery channels has created both challenges and opportunities. MELIOR uses our expertise and industry insight not only to gather high-quality information but also to get underneath the findings to help investigative companies understand the strategic implications of individual and market behavior. We leverage our knowledge about the state of the industry today against our decades-long insurance and investigative business market experience to provide informative intelligent insights.
MELIOR offers Consulting services in the following areas:
  • Operations Excellence
  • Market Place Competition
  • Process Efficiency
  • Vendor Management and Panel Participation
  • Industry Challenges and Demands
  • Customer Retention
Business Process Improvement
the average business process contains a whopping 80% of "Non-Value-Added Activity" (NVA). NVA is any step in a process that you pay for, that adds time to delivery, which the customer didn’t request nor does anything to aid in the production of a product or the delivery of a service. Much NVA can be classified as waste. The identification and elimination of non-value activity increase the efficiency of processes.
Every business is a collection of processes. Investigations are conducted, backgrounds completed, and services delivered via processes. Customers will use you or leave you because of their experiences with your processes. Profitability is process driven too. One perspective would suggest profits could be increased by raising the price of goods or services to customers. This is not the best way to increase profit, especially if you have price-based competitors. MELIOR will help you improve and streamline your processes.
Vendor/Program Management
Does your company provide vendor management services or do you participate on vendor panels? With so many options to choose from, determining which Vendor Management solution is best for your company can be a daunting task.
Vendors are one of your biggest costs, and one of your riskiest areas of operations. The time, money and energy used to nurture a positive vendor relationship cannot be measured directly against the company's bottom line.  However, a well-managed vendor relationship will result in increased customer satisfaction, reduced costs, better quality, and better service from the vendor.
MELIOR Consulting offers vendor-neutral services that leverage our knowledge of insurance industry best practices. Our experts will guide you through the number of choices that you have, including in-house Vendor Management (VM), Client Selected Providers (CSP), and Participating on Vendor Panels (PVP) and analyze if these solutions are the right choice for your business future.
Our industry experts can implement the optimum solution, reducing costs of managing outsourced relationships, maintaining margins while participating on vendor panels, improving customer satisfaction, increasing profitability, and eliminating risks to joint business success.
Our approach enables us to identify opportunities to implement a process methodology between the a 3rd party vendor, client and your company.
  • Vendor Management Expertise:
  • Vendor consolidation and Selection
  • Cost reduction
  • Process improvement and scalability
  • Outsourcing strategies and implementation
  • Process standardization and documentation

Special Investigation (SIU) Services
SIU and Anti-Fraud Training are required in many states in order to be in compliance with Anti-Fraud statutes and regulations. Establishing the appropriate curriculum; scheduling and conducting training; and maintaining training records can all be time-consuming activities for your staff. At MELIOR Consulting, we handle this for you and free up your resources.
We tailor training to meet all your specific needs depending upon your personnel's level of expertise. Our SIU training is provided by an experienced SIU and CE certified instructor. Training is available on various SIU-related topics.
MELIOR Consulting offers the following services:
Anti-Fraud Training - Conduct or create customized Fraud/SIU training session for your anti-fraud personnel. We ensure that all sessions are compliant with various state regulation requirements.
SIU Auditing - Conduct “red flag” reviews to ensure your personnel are correctly identifying red flag events and following your company's anti-fraud plan for regulatory compliance.
We will also work with your investigative staff or management to answer any questions and provide the information you need to fight fraud effectively.
With MELIOR Consulting, we ensure your company will be compliant. 
Compliance Training
Whether you need Fraud Training or Investigative Specific courses to stay current with industry trends, MELIOR Consulting is able to assist you.  We can tailor training courses to meet all your specific needs depending upon your personnel's level of expertise. Our training is provided by an experienced SIU and CE certified instructor. Training is available on various fraud and social media related topics.
We will work with investigative professionals or management to answer any questions and provide the information you need to provide effective and meaningful course content.
Our courses are available for purchase or on-line.
Here are a few of the course offerings:

  • Staged Accidents
  • Social Media and Metadata Use in Investigations
  • Surveillance tools
  • Medical and CPT code Fraud